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KeyMod™ Quick Release Micro Red Dot
VDDABKMKeyMod™ Quick Release Micro Red Dot  


• KeyMod™ Quick Release Micro Red Dot
• This optic and mount combo combines our popular DDAB Micro Red Dot optic with a our new Patented KeyMod™ quick release mount with heavy duty protective side armor shields for the added protection for the Micro Dot optic.
• You can mount VDDABKM onto KeyMod™ handguards at an offset angle (30°/45°) for a secondary optic to your primary, for close range target acquisition and for moving targets.
• You can also mount the VD4BKM directly to the top KeyMod™ slots of our AK KeyMod™ Mount Receiver Cover (VMTAKKM).
• Modular design, allows you to use the skeletonized riser for offset mounting and a comfortable cheek rest on the stock. Or if you require a low profile mounting you can remove the riser and mount the Micro Dot base directly to the KeyMod™ mount for when the lowest profile mounting position is desired.
• Skeletonized riser and armored shield to keep the weight to a minimum, yet provide strength and protection where needed.
• Featuring NcSTAR's US Patented Auto-Locking KeyMod™ Quick Release mount. Mounts directly to KeyMod™ slots with a flip of a lever, no tools required.
• US Patent 9,341,441
AK KeyMod™ Mount Receiver Cover




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