Blue Laser
NcSTAR is the First in the Industry to provide a Safe Class IIIa firearms rated Blue Laser to the US Market! US PATENT PENDING
• Blue Laser: Freq. 450nm, Class IIIa Laser, Maximum Output: <5mw
• Blue Laser is in-between the brightness of the Red and Green Lasers.
• Blue Laser is not susceptible to cold weather like the Green lasers.
• Blue Laser will have Laser Beam Trace like the Green Laser at night if there are particulates in the air.
• Blue Laser will have a Battery life that is 4X-5X greater than a Green Laser. Approximate 30+ hours of Battery life.
Blue Laser
MODEL # Description Laser Color Laser Wavelength Mount Type Battery Type Remote Pressure Switch Compatible Length (inch) Weight (oz)
VAPRLSMBLV2 Compact Pistol Blue Laser w/Strobe Blue 450 nm (Blue) CR1/3N NO 2 1.8
VAQPTLMBL Blue Laser with Quick Release Mount Blue 450 nm (Blue) Quick Release Weaver-Picatinny Rail Mount CR123A NO 2.9 3.7
VAPRLSMBL Blue Laser with Presure Switch & Rail Mount Blue 450 nm (Blue) Clamp On Weaver-Picatinny Rail Mount CR123A YES 3.5 3.6



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